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The Value of Carbon in China – Carbon Finance and China’s Sustainable Energy Transition

Abstract China-based perspective of the impact of CDM in China with in-depth analysis of various project types, provinces and market survey. This report was written in the first part of 2008, when fuel prices increased substantially worldwide. These price increases and concerns over future energy security and climate change have pushed nations to initiate transitions to more sustainable energy sources, including the use of CDM. While the use of CDM in China has only recently been established, understanding its affects on China’s evolving sustainable energy market is important in how to best to further roll-out clean energy technologies moving forward. This report’s object was to break down the entire pipeline and already registered CDM projects within China, looking at current market trends and giving key findings on the direction of the CDM market in China. China is host to the largest number of CDM projects for any country in the world. Therefore, understanding how CDM work (or doesn’t work) in China can help policy makers reform incentives to make CDM more flexible in its adaptation in the post-2012 timeframe.
Author Azure International/WWF
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