Annual Report on Nuclear Safety


In 2009, nuclear facilities in service maintained a safe operation and the quality of nuclear facilities under construction was under effective control. There were no safety related events or accidents of level 2 or above occurred in any operational NPPs, research reactors, nuclear fuel cycle facilities, radioactive waste storage, treatment and disposal facilities, or radioactive material transportation activities. Minor events and nonconformance items of nuclear facilities in operation and under construction were timely handled. In 2009, the national environmental radiation monitoring network was in regular service, and the radiation environment throughout the country generally maintained in a good state. The ionizing radiation level in the environment was kept at the same level as previous years. On the whole, there were no significant changes in the radiation levels of the environment adjacent to the nuclear facilities and nuclear technology application activities. The generalcondition of the environmental electromagnetic levels was in good state. The electromagnetic radiation levels of most of the electromagnetic radiation facilities met the national standards except that the combined field intensities in certain parts of surrounding environment of a few high-power transmitters just exceeded the standards.

Date 2009
Publisher Ministry of Environmental Protection
5 Nuclear, 5.1 Government, Corporate, Global Organisations and International Thinktanks