An Industrialized Installation for Catalytic Cracking of Biomass Tar

Abstract The project is one of the sub-guant projects in the second round of biomass competitive grant activities at the national level, which is held by Wu Youqing of ECUST. The project objective task is to research and develop the prototype of the industrial-scale catalytic cracking devices of biomass tar. The project mainly carried out the industrial technology research and development of the catalytic cracking behavior, process conditions, device structure properties and conversion rate, etc., which can solve completely many problems, such as the tar damage to the reliable operation of process equipment faced by biomass thermal chemical processes generally, the efficiency reduction of biomass conversion, the destruction of the surrounding environment, the hard effective use of itself, and so on. The study of the project has formed the efficient and clean biomass tar cracking equipment and the core technology of catalyst formulations with independent intellectual property, by which the efficient and clean biomass thermo-chemical technology without tar can be promoted to improve. The project is currently underway.
Author China Renewable Energy Scale-up Programme (CRESP), Updated:10 July 2011
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