A Comparison of Wind Power Industry Development Strategies in Spain, India and China

Abstract This paper compares the manner in which Gamesa (Spain), Suzlon (India) and Goldwind (China) became domestic leaders in their respective countries’ wind industries, with a focus on the acquisition of technology, technological know-how, and the associated intellectual property rights. The paper also reviews the respective policy environments for wind energy in India, China, and Spain and how these policies have influenced the rise of a major domestic wind turbine manufacturer in each national context.
Author Center for Resource Solutions, Energy Foundation, China Sustainable Energy Program, Joanna I. Lewis, 19 July 2007
Link http://www.efchina.org/csepupfiles/report/200772021636169.4415513422868.pdf/Lewis.Wind.Industry.Development.India.Spain.China.July.2007.pdf
6 Renewable Energy, 6.2.0 Wind, 6.2.4 International Cooperation and International Comparisons and Recommendations